Doing The First Steps: Rome

Day One:
  • Arrive in Rome.
  • One 50lb bag left in Philadelphia.
  • About 20 of my fellow Bernardians patiently wait an hour for me to go through the Italian customer service line to have my luggage redirected.
  • Italians haven't had this much snow in 26 years, and we saw children sledding on a boogie board.
  • A few Bernardians and I go for a stroll and help push an elderly Italian man's car out of his snowy parking spot.
  • Drank my first sip of an Italian latte.
  • A beautiful Mass with Father Carola and my new Rome family.
  • I took this photo at a nearby cafe. The quote reads "facendo i primi passi" which translates to "doing the first steps." In just one day "doing the first steps" has gotten me so excited about what this semester holds!


  1. Hi Susanna! I'm so blessed you made it safe! May Jesus continue to bless you!!: ) Rachel


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