Snow Day: Rome

Here in Italy, the Italians beleive that a possibility of any snow accumulation whatsoever constitutes a snow day. This being said, we have experienced 2 snow days within one week! I guess this may make sense, because most of the Italians only have garden hoes and broom pans to shovel off the snow from their cars and sidewalks.
Several of us Bernardians decided to take advantage of the snow day, and visit a few churches. The first church we visited was Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. Inside of this church was the original painting of St. Michael the Archangel stomping on Satan’s head by the artist Guido Reni. The colors in the painting were so vibrant and warm, and I love how St. Michael the Archangel is effortlessly stomping on the devil's head, even though you can tell that he has upper body muscles like no other! That's right St. Michael :).

St. Michael the Archangel Painting
The next church we visited was Santa Maria della Vittoria. This church held the statue of St. Terese in Ecstasy, which was done by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It is so amazing to be seeing the originals of so many statues and paintings. I feel as though I could walk into any Catholic church in Rome and something or someone significant would be there! Truly there are an immense amount of blessings all around me!

Ecstasy of St. Teresa