St. Valentine's Day: Rome

What a wonderful day! This morning in our Church and Culture class we discussed what Dr. Boyle said is the "greatest Italian novel" which is titled The Betrothed. During our lunch break I visited Santa Maria in Cosmedin which is a simple, yet beautiful church. Inside, it holds the skull of St. Valentine as well as the Bocca della verita which is the Mouth of truth (made popular by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday). I can't think of a better way to celebrate February 14th then to say a prayer inside the church that carries a relic of St. Valentine.

Santa Maria in Cosmedin
After Italian class this afternoon, a few friends and I climbed to the very top of the Spanish Steps and caught a view of the sun beginning to set. The Spanish Steps are a main attraction for teenagers, college students, and couples. Because it is an especially significant day for those in love, the steps were quite crowded with vendors selling roses, couples kissing, and a young man playing guitar. It was a fun scene to be surrounded with on such a day.

Music on the Spanish Steps