Step Back in Time: Assisi

Assisi marked my first daytrip of the semester, and what a trip it was! It was conveniently planned at 11pm the night before, and we started the next day off with espresso, cornetti, and an early morning train ride. The train ride was filled with enthusiastic facts about Assisi, which were provided by our good and loyal travel companion: Rick Steves :).

Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi

We decided to skip the bus from the train station, and instead walked up to the quaint little town of Assis. It was one of our best decisions of the day, and it made the trek to the Basilica of St. Francis, much more like a pilgrimage. It was so wonderful walking through the countryside, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the birds singing, all while knowing that St. Francis may have walked the very same steps that we were. Once we reached our destination, the town of Assisi, we instantly fell in love. Walking into Assisi was like walking out of a time machine and into a few centuries back in time. Several pictures were taken, in the hopes of portraying the beauty of Assisi with our friends. However, our cameras cannot do justice for this beautiful little town.

Franciscans enjoying both brotherhood and beauty

We made it the the Basilica of St. Francis just just in time to make it to Mass. After Mass we spent a few minutes praying in front of the tomb of St. Francis, in the crypt below the Basilica. We then made our way to San Rufino, which is where St. Francis and St. Clare were baptized. We visited another church called Santa Chiara which is where St. Francis saw the figure of Christ crucified come alive and asked him to go and restore his church. The last Basilica we visited was the Basilica of St. Clare, where St. Clare is buried. It was so moving to be praying just feet away from the Saints and asking for their intercession.
Typical view of the streets of Assisi

The olive grove where St. Francis was inspired to write Canticle of the Sun


  1. Assisi, looks beautiful and fun, Susanna! It sounds like it is warm. :) Rachel


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