Paris With My Mom

It LIT up :)!!!!!

Waiting for the Eiffel Tower to light up...

Outside Notre- Dame Cathedral
This 700 year old church is dedicated to Our Lady.
Inside is the largest relic of Jesus' crown of thorns.
A few moments before seeing the Mona Lisa inside the Musee Du Louvre 

It's the LOCK bridge!!! There are locks chained aaaaall along this bridge.
Significant others write their names on a lock, lock it to the bridge, and toss the keys
into the Siene River. I guess that seals the deal... unless one of them
is willing to dive into the bottom of the water, find their key, and unlock the 2x2 inch
symbol of their love... but that'd be way too much work!  

Macaroons and Espresso. I was told that there is no place like Paris
to enjoy the delightful taste of an authentic macaroon. It is true.
Macaroons in Paris do not compare to any other macaroon I have tasted.
Even Salzburg doesn't compare to Paris's macaroons.
Note: The real Parisian macaroon does not have any coconut inside.
La Grande Arche... not to be confused with the Arc De Triomphe.
We made that mistake after taking the Metro several stops too far.
The Grande Arche is on the outskirts of Paris, and the central location
of Paris' skyscrapers. (Unhistoric skyscrapers that is.)
According to Rick Steve's (my trusty travel companion) "Notre-Dame could fit under it's arch."
That is pretty impressive.
However.. Notre-Dame is much more beautiful than this modern work of construction.
On the bright side, "More than 150,000 workers commute here daily, directing
lots of business and development away from downtwon and allowing central
Paris to retain its more elegant feel." -Rick Steves.
That is one wise decision I can agree with!!

Finally! We made it to the legit Arc De Triomphe!!

Enjoying the sights in Montmarte

Sacre-Coeur Basilica.
This is a Roman-Byzantine basilica, which took 44 years to build.
This Basilica is located at the summit of Montmarte, which is
the highest point of the city in Paris.
Just outside the doors of the Basilica, are some of the most beautiful views you will find of the city.

Thank you Mom, for a lovely visit.


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